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Connect Spot2Nite to your ResNexus account.

Now you can easily connect Spot2Nite to your existing ResNexus account and start driving more customers to your park!

Follow these simple steps to connect:

  1. Go into the ResNexus back office, Click Settings (at the top of the page)
  2. Select Direct Connect
  3. Click the "Add Channel" button and select "Spot2Nite"
  4. Modify any channel specific settings and click "Save"
  5. On the next screen, we will need to set up groups, so click “Groups” in the vertical menu bar on the right - Groups here are the same as the unit groups Spot2Nite sees through the API+9
    1. Click “Create Group” - this will cause the group edit slider to pop in
    2. Name the group (“RV 60 foot back in” etc)
    3. Check all units that should be in this group (units should be in exactly one group here). Click the “Save” button on the group
  6. Repeat steps a - c until all units available to this channel are grouped as desired
  7. Once all groups are complete, click "Matching" in the vertical menu bar on the right - this controls which groups are active on the channel
    1. Match the drop down under “Your Room Groups” with the one in “Spot2Nite Listing”
    2. Make sure the group is turned “On” (On button should be blue)
    3. Repeat steps a - b until all groups are matched and active if they should be
    4. Click the yellow "Save" button
  8. Set up should be complete, and the property’s changes should be visible thru the API in a few minutes.

Questions about connecting?
Email support or call us directly at 877-778-2683 Ext. 702.