Sunset at Blue Oasis RV Park - Onawa



Located in Onawa, IA we invite you to visit and stay with us on your next adventure. Our full-service campground offers 121 spacious spots that accommodate every size RV. We look forward to meeting you!



Available RV sites at Sunset at Blue Oasis RV Park - Onawa


18997 225th Street

Onawa, Iowa 51040

Things to know

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-out: 1:00 PM


Quiet Time: - Quiet time is from 10 pm until 8 am. Please keep noise to a minimum during these times. Spots: - While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement. Parking: - Parking is allowed on gravel parking areas only. Do not park on the grass, along the lanes, or on unoccupied sites. - Boats may be parked in designated boat parking areas only. Contact us for fees & availability. Pets: - Pets must be kept on a leash, tie-out, or in a secure space at all times. - Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up pet waste. - We understand that dogs bark but please do not allow dogs to bark uncontrollably or for any length of time. - Do not leave pets unattended outside of your RV. Smoking: - Smoking is not allowed in areas other than your campsite. - Smoking is not allowed in or around the multi-purpose building including restrooms, laundry facility, in or around the pool, and playground. - Please extinguish all smoking materials and dispose of them responsibly. Visitors: - You are responsible for your visitors. Be sure your visitors are aware of the campground guidelines. - Notify management if anyone other than those who appear on your agreement will be using your site while you're away. Speed Limit: - The speed limit throughout the entire park is 10mph for all vehicles. Trash: - Place all trash in dumpsters or trash receptacles provided throughout the park. - Do not leave trash outside overnight as it could attract unwanted critters. - Trash bags must be disposed of inside dumpsters, not small trashcans around the park or inside the building. - Please recycle whenever possible. Lawn Care: - All personal items, such as grills, extension cords, shepherd hooks, chairs, tables, canopies, trash cans, yard games, dog tie-outs, tents, etc must be removed from the grass areas before leaving your site so we can maintain the lawn. - Mowing & trimming will be done on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, weather permitting. Campfires: - Campfires must be contained inside a fire ring. Do not leave campfires unattended or overfill your firepit. - No bonfires allowed. - Do not burn painted, treated, or stained wood, plastic, styrofoam, glass, rubber, metal, aluminum cans, trash bags, or other items that are not meant to be burned. - Please do not use your firepit during strong winds. Pool: - No glass containers are allowed on or around the pool deck. - Children 14 years of age or younger must be supervised by an adult who is 18 years or older. - No running or rough play is allowed in or around the pool. - Proper swimming attire is required. Bicycles: - Please do not ride bikes or scooters through the grass or after dark without a headlight. - Safety helmets are recommended. Clotheslines: - Clotheslines attached to poles or trees are not allowed. Trees & Landscaping: - Our trees are newly planted. Please do not hang hammocks or any other heavy objects from trees. - Cutting or removing trees, plants, or flowers on or around the premises for any reason is strictly prohibited. Golf Carts/ATVs: - Golf carts, ATVs, and other four-wheel "off-road" vehicles are allowed within the park. - Drivers must obey the 10 mph speed limit, be at least 16 years of age, have a valid driver's license, and be responsible for any damage caused in the event of an accident. - All riders must have a seat. - Only vehicles with working headlights may be driven after dark. - Please confirm with the Monona County DMV for rules on where these vehicles are allowed to be driven outside of the park with or without a valid license plate. Fireworks & Firearms: - For everyone's safety, setting off fireworks or discharging firearms is not allowed in or around the park. - Also, please do not use spotlights, laser pointers, or other devices that could be a danger to people or animals. Your Site: - Please keep your site clean & tidy. - If you would like to add landscaping, patio pavers, built-in fire pit, deck, flag pole, shed or any other permanent or semi-permanent items please run your plans by management for approval of materials & design. - Do not dig any holes without prior approval as utilities could become damaged. - Trampolines are not allowed. Lights: - Decorative lights that do not shine into or onto other sites or RVs may be used. - Please do not leave bright lights on overnight. Neighboring Sites: - Do not walk, ride bikes, or travel in any way through another camper's site. Vacating Site: - If you're pulling your RV out of your permanent site for any reason during your stay with us, please let our staff know the dates you will be gone. Large Gatherings: - Large gatherings with 20+ guests including, parties, reunions, bands, DJs, etc will require prior approval by management. Theft & Vandalism: - Theft & vandalism will not be tolerated. - Anyone caught stealing or causing intentional damage or vandalism to park property or any other personal property anywhere on the premises will be banned from the park and no refunds will be given. - Please report any theft, damage, or vandalism to management immediately, and please note the date and time. No Dumping: - Do not dump the food, ashes, or other debris in any area around the park. - Do not allow sewage to drain or leak from your RV. The use of a designated sewer hose is required. RV Maintenance & Repairs: - Major repairs and renovations to RVs, boats, or other types of vehicles are not allowed to be performed on the premises. - Please do not use running water & chemicals to fully wash RVs, boats, or other vehicles. Spot cleaning is allowed. - Please contact management if you have any questions about maintenance or washing. Generators: - Please do not use generators except in the event of a power outage or emergency.

Cancellation Policy

Campground Cancellation Policy - 100% refund until 14 days before check-in. 50% percent refund 7 days prior, then 6 days prior the reservation is no longer refundable. - All refund calculations exclude the RoverPass service fees and credit card processing, which are non-refundable. RoverPass Cancellation Policy - The platform and processing fees are non-refundable. - Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable.

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