Silver Trail RV Park at Lake Durant


We are a "family and friends" owned RV park and our first phase of 10 RV sites are now available for rental. We offer numerous options for your stay - daily, weekly, and monthly, along with many amenities that are free for registered guests - pull-through, full hookups, 20/30/50 amp electric service, water, sewer, wi-fi, and laundry room. We would love for you to come to visit us!


  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Boating
  • Fishing


  • Dump Station
  • Pet Friendly
  • Full Hookup
  • Laundry


34825 Oklahoma 78

Durant, Oklahoma 74701

Things to know

Check-in: 1:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


Tenant Agreement - By making a reservation, you agree to all of the rules. Insurance Waiver - While the Management and Owners of the RV Park strive to assure the safety of the Residents and the property, they are not responsible for losses due to fire, theft, fire, utility failure, improper connections, failure to unhook water during freezing conditions, flooding, accidents, any acts of nature, or injury to a person, pet, or visitor due to use of Park facilities, or caused by others on the Park premises. - You assume personal risk in such matters and shall indemnify and hold the Park harmless of any claims by any person(s). Right of Refusal - The Park reserves the right to refuse business, ask visitors to vacate or deny access to anyone under any circumstance it deems necessary. - There will be no refunds if asked to leave. - The Park reserves the right to disconnect any occupant’s utilities and evict them without refund for violations of the Park rules and guidelines. - Tenants agree that they will promptly vacate the Park upon written notice that they violate Park rules and guidelines, and without refund. Quiet Hours - 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM Pet Limit and Rules - There is a limit of 3 pets per site. - Pets must be leashed when they are outside of the RV and the leash must be 6 feet or shorter. - The tenant is responsible for picking up the waste. - If we notice pet waste at a tenant’s site, we will pick it up and assess a $25.00 fee per occurrence. - No pet pens or runs are allowed and pets are not to be left outside unattended. - Pets, except certified service animals, are not allowed in any Park buildings. Injury by Pets - Tenants shall be strictly liable for the entire amount of any injury to any person or property caused by any pets and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Park Owner for all costs resulting from it. Removal of Pets - The Park reserves the right to refuse or require the removal of any pet at any time. - Any verified acts of aggression of pets or any pets exhibiting aggression are grounds for expulsion without a refund. - If in the Park’s sole judgment, any rule or provision of this Pet Agreement is violated by tenants or their guests, the tenants shall immediately and permanently remove the pet(s) from the premises. - The requirement of removal shall not relieve the tenant of any liabilities regarding the lease agreement (i.e. tenant cannot abandon the lease because of being required to remove the pet(s)). Emergency Access to Your RV - The Park shall have a right of entry upon the land on which a recreational vehicle is situated for maintenance of utilities, maintenance of premises if the occupant fails to do so, and the protection of the Park at any reasonable time. - The Park may enter a recreational vehicle without the prior written consent of the occupant in the case of an emergency or when the occupant has abandoned the recreational vehicle. Emergencies - Please provide a valid phone number where we can contact you with emergency notifications. Utility, Water, or Septic Problems - If you have any after-hours utility, water, or septic problems, please call the office. DO NOT work on it yourself. Condition of RVs - RVs older than 10 years must be approved before rental. - Please call, text, or email us with RV specifics and include current photos showing all four (4) sides of the RV. - If the RV does not look as per the picture submitted, you will be required to vacate the Park without a refund. Site Limitations - RV sites are limited to one RV per site, and neither the site nor the RV can be sublet or rented. - A maximum of 6 persons can occupy a site, whether adult or child. - No tarps, sheds, hot tubs, buildings, structures, fences, or cages are allowed on the site for any reason. - No clotheslines or hanging laundry are allowed outdoors. - While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement. Weapons - All weapons shall be kept in compliance with State and Federal laws. - No BB gun, pellet gun, paint gun, air gun, and/or slingshot use is allowed in the Park. Fireworks - Fireworks are prohibited in all areas of the Park. Fires - Fires are not permitted when proper agencies issue burn bans. - However, if there are no burn bans, guests may build a fire in an approved outdoor, portable fire pit. - Charcoal grills are allowed under the same rule as fire pits. Gas grills are allowed. Alcohol, Smoking, and Drugs - Alcoholic beverages are restricted to the guest’s rented site. - Smoking is not permitted inside any Park buildings. - No illegal drugs are allowed on the Park premises. Speed Limit - 10 MPH on all Park roads. - You will be removed from the Park if you are caught speeding 3 times during your visit. - All street-legal vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver. Camera System - Silver Trail RV Park utilizes cameras throughout the grounds for our tenant's safety. - We will not review footage for stolen items due to personal negligence. - LOCK UP YOUR VALUABLES to keep them safe. Courtesy - No nuisance, obnoxious, or offensive behavior is allowed. - Radios, TVs, and other equipment volumes must not disturb neighbors. - Be courteous to all persons in the Park and respect people’s privacy. Generators - The use of generators inside the Park is prohibited. - No power plants, window air conditioning units, or extra outdoor appliances (refrigerators, etc.) are allowed without prior authorization from the Park. - Approved air conditioning units and outdoor appliances will result in extra monthly fees. Personal Items - Tenants are allowed 8 personal items outside their RV. For example, 1 table, 2 chairs, and a grill would be considered 4 items. ATVs, UTVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Carts - The use of ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, or go-carts is not allowed in the Park. Trash - Trash dumpster(s) is for ACTIVE TENANT use only and is limited to HOUSEHOLD TRASH. - Hazardous materials must be handled by County, State, and Federal regulations. - Do not leave trash out overnight, no trash cans are allowed outside the RV site. - All trash is to be placed in the trash dumpsters. - Please leave the Park facilities as clean as you found them. Laundry Facility - Usage of the laundry room is free and for ACTIVE TENANT USE ONLY. - Please help us keep it this way by reporting and reducing abuse (non-tenant use) via call, text, or email. - Communications will be kept anonymous. Utilities - Sewage - Sewer connections must be made using a secure, leakproof adapter, per State law. - Silver Trail RV Park at Lake Durant operates on a septic system. Do NOT flush or put anything down the toilet or drain other than human waste and toilet paper, preferably single-ply toilet paper. - Even if items are marked as “septic safe,” do not flush them. For example, wet wipes, baby wipes, cat litter, any feminine products, grease/fats, diapers, paper towels, hazardous substances, syringes, or plastics. Utilities - Water - Water hose connections require a water pressure regulator and should be leak free. - Because of high pressure, we require the use of approved water pressure regulators on all of our faucets. - Silver Trail RV Park is not responsible for any damage to your RV for failure to follow this rule. - During freezing conditions, all units must utilize a heated water hose/heat tape with insulation. This is not required if the tenant fills their tanks and completely disconnects from the water hookup. - The water at each site is intended for trailer/RV hookups only. Any water use outside your unit is prohibited without a water permit from the Park for a fee. This includes the washing of vehicles or RVs. Parking / Vehicles - Park in designated areas only. - PARKING ON THE GRASS and ROADS IS PROHIBITED. - No inoperable or unregistered vehicles are allowed. - The repairing of vehicles inside the Park or oil changing on the Park grounds is prohibited. - Two vehicles per site are allowed, including tow vehicles. - Blocking or parking in vacant sites is not allowed. - Please be considerate of those arriving “after hours.” Disturbances - Should the Sheriff or Law Enforcement be notified regarding a disturbance caused by you, your children, your guests, or your pets, you will be required to vacate the Park without a refund. Damages to Sites or Facilities - Any damage incurred to any site or facility will be charged to the responsible tenant and the tenant may be asked to leave the premises without a refund. Vending - No vending, solicitation, peddling, or other business enterprise is allowed on the Park grounds by tenants. Guests / Children / Visitors - Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Tenants are responsible for the actions of their children and visitors. Notice of Change - Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modifications may be necessary. - Therefore, Silver Trail RV Park at Lake Durant reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to these rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

Cancellation Policy

Campground Cancellation Policy - 100% refund until 7 days before check-in. 50% percent refund 3 days prior, then 2 days prior the reservation is no longer refundable. - There are no pro-rating or refunds for early departure. - All refund calculations exclude the RoverPass service fees and credit card processing, which are non-refundable. RoverPass Cancellation Policy - The platform and processing fees are non-refundable. - Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable.

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