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DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF SASQUATCH FARM! Founded in 2020, Sasquatch Farm offers over 120 acres of natural habitat to explore. The property boasts waterfalls, creeks, wildlife, and vast open skies, located on top of a mountain with beautiful valley overlooks. Sasquatch Farm is just 40 miles west of Chattanooga, and easily accessible from I-59 and Hwy 156. Enjoy 52 generously-sized RV sites – many large enough to accommodate toy haulers – as well as a number of secluded tent camping sites. We look forward to meeting you!


  • ATV Friendly
  • Water Sports
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing


  • General Store
  • Bathrooms
  • Big Rig Friendly
  • Restaurants (local area)
  • Firewood Available


2985 Brown Trace Road

South Pittsburg, Tennessee 37380

Things to know

Check-in: 1:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


These rules and regulations were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety, and maintenance, and with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind. Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests. Arrival - - Check-in time is 1:00 PM. - Check-out time is 11:00 AM. - While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement. Children - Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult while in the common areas of the resort. Visitors - All visitors must check in at the office and comply with park rules and policies. - There is a $10 per person/per day fee for any visitor using Sasquatch Farm’s Trail System and other facilities. - Please be respectful of registered paying guests by limiting your visitors to no more than 4 at a time. Common courtesy - Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons in the park. - Respect the privacy of guests. - Profane, abusive, harassing or threatening language or actions directed at park personnel or other guests are unacceptable and could result in eviction. Noise control - No generators, fireworks, or loud music. - Quiet time is 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM. Emergency and safety - No illegal drugs. - All weapons shall be kept in compliance with state/federal laws. No discharge or use of firearms in the park. - No smoking in or around Resort buildings. - If you observe any activity you believe to be of concern, please contact the office. Vehicles and site occupancy - The speed limit in the park is 10 mph. - One RV per site. - One passenger vehicle per site. The second vehicle requires management approval and may be allowed if space is available. - Utility/Car trailers may be parked on your site with management approval, otherwise must be parked in the reserved parking spaces (additional fee required). - No parking on adjacent/vacant sites. No vehicle repairs or maintenance may be done in the park unless approved by management. Subletting/renting - Subletting or renting an RV is prohibited. Sites & Trash - The cleanliness of the park is important to everyone. - All trash should be bagged and taken to the dumpster or left outside near the road between 9 am and 3 pm for pickup (but not overnight). - Outdoor items should be neat and orderly. - No storage of tires on site. - Hazardous materials shall be discarded properly. Please leave park facilities as you would like to find them. If they need attention, please notify the office. RV sewage - Do not place feminine products, grease/fats, diapers, cat litter, paper towels, wet wipes, hazardous substances, syringes, or plastics down the drain/sewer. - Other than toilet paper, if you didn’t eat it first it does not belong in the sewer system. - Please use RV toilet paper. Portable grills and fires - Gas/charcoal grills are allowed. - Wood fires are only permitted in designated fire pits/rings. - Firewood acquired outside of Marion County, TN is not allowed at Sasquatch Farm. Locally sourced firewood is available for purchase at Sasquatch Farm. Outdoor structures - No sheds, porches, decks, tarps, or utility buildings allowed. RVs are not to be skirted. - Laundry - No clotheslines or hanging laundry outdoors. No washing of pet bedding in our laundry facility. Pet rules - Up to two pets per site allowed. - We reserve the right to refuse or require the removal of any animal at any time. - Cats are allowed but may not roam freely in the park. - Dogs must be on a leash (6 feet or shorter) and under the control of an adult at all times. - Excessive barking is not allowed. - Pet owners must immediately pick up their pets and deposit waste in a bag and into the designated receptacles. - A $25 fine will be assessed to the pet owner for each occurrence of improper disposal or cleanup. - Aggressive animals will not be allowed in the park. You will be asked to leave with no refund if your pet shows any aggressive tendencies or complaints are verified. - Pet fences are not allowed. Pets may not be left outdoors unsupervised. - Do not feed wild or stray animals. Solicitation/Peddling/Business enterprise - No peddling, soliciting, or business enterprise is allowed in the park. - Signs for the sale of products or services are not allowed. Damages and personal liability - Any guest or visitor that willfully or negligently damages or destroys park property, landscaping, or equipment will be held liable for the value to repair or replace the damaged items. The responsible party(s) may be evicted for willful damage. Guest property - Guests use the Resort’s facilities at their own risk. - Secure your valuables. - Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to guest property and/or injury to a person, pet, or party arising due to the use of resort facilities or caused by others on the premises. - The resort is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather, or catastrophic events. Right to refuse/Evict/Deny access - Sasquatch Farm is a privately-owned resort. - Management reserves the right to refuse services, evict or deny access to anyone, under any circumstances, it deems necessary, in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal laws. There will be no refunds. Policy changes - Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modification may be necessary. Management reserves the right to make changes deemed necessary to these rules and regulations at any time, without prior notice. As a courtesy, our employees, if so requested, may assist with directing you to your designated campsite. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the site will accommodate your specific trailer/RV and that you will not hit any branches, bollards, trees, power poles, water, sewer or electric hookups, etc. when positioning your RV on the campsite. You agree to indemnify and hold Sasquatch Farm, LLC, d/b/a Sasquatch Farm, its owners, and agents (collectively, “Sasquatch Farm Management'') harmless from any loss, liability, damage, or cost (including attorney’s fees) that may result from an employee assisting or directing you onto a campsite. Furthermore, you release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Sasquatch Farm Management for any and all liability, loss, or property damage relating to an employee assisting/directing you to your site. THEFT OF SERVICE LAW ACCORDING TO TENNESSEE CODE TN Code § 39-14-104 (2017) (a) A person commits theft of services who: - Intentionally obtains services by deception, fraud, coercion, forgery, false statement, false pretense, or any other means to avoid payment for the services; - Having control over the disposition of services to others, knowingly diverts those services to the person's own benefit or to the benefit of another not entitled thereto; or - Knowingly absconds from establishments where compensation for services is ordinarily paid immediately upon the rendering of them, including, but not limited to, hotels, motels, and restaurants, without payment or a bona fide offer to pay. (b) Any individual directly or indirectly harmed by a violation of subsection (a) shall have legal standing to report such violations to law enforcement and testify in support of corresponding criminal charges. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICES LAW”.

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