Pacific Motel & RV


PACIFIC MOTEL & RV​ ​We keep it simple. ​You keep the memories. Est. 1954 Less than a 3-minute drive from the beach, Pacific Motel and RV in Westport, WA has been a favorite choice for families, fishermen, couples, campers, surfers and travelers from afar for more than sixty years. We are humbled and honored to be part of an iconic property in Grays Harbor County that has been so special to multiple generations with more to follow.



  • WiFi
  • Showers
  • RV Storage
  • Bathrooms
  • Propane Fills


330 South Forrest Street

Westport, Washington 98595

Things to know

Check-in: 3:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


RV CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT: Check-in time for RVs begin at 3:00PM. Check-out time is 11:00AM. Please advise the front office at least 24 hours in advance if you will need to stay an extra day. If someone has a reservation for that space it may not be possible to holdover. Late check-outs may be possible if a reservation is not the same day for your site at $10.00 per hour. If your RV is in a space that that is reserved for another RV to check-in on the same day, you will be charged $50 per hour beginning at 1:00PM for every hour your RV remains in that space. Children & Pets -Children are welcome with an accompanying adult -Children age 17 and under stay free -Pets are welcome -Pets must weigh under 50 pounds -Motel Rooms: One Dog Maximum DOG POLICY FOR THE MOTEL ROOMS: We have a 'One-Dog' per room policy for $25.00 per night. The dog must be a non-aggressive breed. Please note, two small dogs -are still 'Two Dogs' even if they weigh less than 50lbs. CATS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN MOTEL ROOMS. Dogs cannot be left in the motel rooms on their own and they must be on a leash at all times while on the property. Guests are responsible for cleaning up their dog’s poop and disposing of it properly in an exterior property trash can. Otherwise, it will be returned to them. If a Guest would like to request our dog poop clean up service, please see management to discuss. RV MAINTENANCE/COMPLIANCE: RV, trailers and vehicles must be 15 years or newer and always remain in a good state of repair. RV’s and trailers older than 15 years are required to have a photo submitted/approved prior to arrival. Misrepresentation of the year or condition of the RV via photos or otherwise is cause for cancelling any length of stay of incoming guests. Tarps are prohibited be used as awnings or placed on the roof. Each RV must be fully self-contained, kept clean and washed annually. RV washing is allowed Sunday after 2pm until Wednesday at 12:00pm. Contact the front office prior to borrowing a hose. Hoses and/or any other cleaning supplies must be promptly returned after the wash. All RVs must have a sewer connector to their sewage hose. It is prohibited to insert your RV sewage hose directly into the the sewer pipe without a connector. Management reserves the right to disconnect your sewage hose from the sewer pipe if one is not installed. ​ GENERAL MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: All service and maintenance requests must be made to management directly unless it is an emergency. PARKING: There is a maximum of two vehicles per site. Tenants and/or their guests may not park vehicles which obstruct other sites/roadways. An empty RV site may not be used for parking at any time. It is prohibited to park cargo/utility trailers, boats, ATV’s, Commercial Vehicles, etc. on your site without written approval from management. All vehicles must be registered and operable. Any cars not in working condition will be towed at tenant’s expense. Overflow parking is available only from May through September at a rate of $40/month for secondary trailer or vehicle. Non- operating vehicles are prohibited. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: PMRV is not an auto body shop. It is prohibited to wash your vehicle(s) on site. Changing the oil and/or conducting major repairs are not allowed on the premises. Do not dispose of or dump oil, anti-freeze or paint on the ground, in the sewer, storm water drains, or in the dumpster at anytime. SITE MAINTENANCE: Sites need to be clean and neat. The underside of your RV may not be used for storage. Indoor furniture or appliances may NOT be kept on the outside of your RV. Please keep outdoor furniture tasteful and to a minimum. Children’s toys must be stored inside RV. Basketball hoops, swing sets, pools, workout equipment, etc. are prohibited. Due to rodent issues, bird seed feeders are prohibited. PORCHES/AWNINGS/DECKS/SKIRTING/FENCING: RV’s may have a 3’x3’ landing with steps. However, they must be PRE-APPROVED in writing by general manager. Enclosed porches, tarps, makeshift awnings, and decks are prohibited. Cabanas may not be enclosed with tarps or other material. RV’s can be skirted with a vinyl material. Any other type of skirting material (plywood, styrofoam) is not allowed and nor is any fencing. LANDSCAPING: If there is a need for any pruning at your site, please contact the front office. Containers for plants can be made of terra cotta pottery, wood (painted neutral colors/stained), or of decorative plastic and limited to 3/site and must be no larger than 2’x2’x2’. PETS: Due to insurance policies, the park enforces breed restrictions (i.e., aggressive breeds are not permitted). All dogs must stay on leash (no longer than 6ft.) outdoors. This includes walking your dog to your car and letting them out the door to go potty. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. They poop, YOU SCOOP! We provide bags and dump containers for this purpose throughout the park so there are no excuses. Minors are not allowed to walk dogs unaccompanied by an adult. There is a 2-dog maximum per RV. If you leave your pet unattended in your RV it cannot be a noise nuisance. Owners of pets being a noise nuisance will receive a Violation of Compliance letter and further action may follow. Do not leave your pet(s) tied up outside. Pets are not allowed in restrooms nor the laundry room. Indoor-only cats are permitted. If they roam the park, they are not an indoor cat. Any tenant on a monthly rental agreement must have written approval by management for their pets. GUESTS/OCCUPANTS: Guests of tenants must check-in with the front office to before staying in the park and using the facilities. Guests are required to abide by all campground regulations, including registering their vehicle. It is $5 per day for guests staying in the RV park over the age of three. If a guest is here longer than 14 days, they must go through the screening and application process. Tenants are responsible and will be held liable for the conduct of their guests. Tenants in violation of this rule will be subject to eviction. GUEST PARKING: Guests of RV tenants may only park their vehicles in assigned parking areas or in areas designated for guest parking at the cost of $5 per day. The guest's vehicle shall not obstruct or violate other tenants’ parking or property rights at any time. Any guest’s vehicle parked more than 72 hours must be properly identified by placement of tenant’s name and space number where such guest is visiting to prevent impound or towing. Management reserves the right to tow or impound, any guest vehicle that is not registered with the front office or in violation of this rule. ​ GARBAGE/RECYCLE: Dumpsters are provided for household garbage only. Furniture and/or electronic items should NOT be placed in the dumpsters. Each RV site can have one black or dark colored plastic garbage can. It must have a tight-fitting lid and kept at the back of your site for storing garbage prior to placing in dumpster. FULL GARBAGE BAGS MUST BE IN THE DUMPSTER OR YOUR GARBAGE CAN AND NOT OUTSIDE WHERE CROWS AND RODENTS CAN GET TO IT. Please flatten all cardboard boxes before putting in the recycle bin. If The dumpster is full of trash, do not pile your trash bag on top. Take it to the other dumpster. A fine of $30 will be assessed and immediately charged to your rent if your fire ring has any of those items in it. You are responsible for keeping your site clean and neat. WINTER PREPARATIONS: The water hose for RVs should needs to be tight at both ends with heat tape installed from the RV to the ground. The hose and spigot must be insulated. Any damage to park utilities because of negligence will be repaired at tenant’s expense. If water lines are not insulated, management reserves the right to disconnect prior to freezing weather. GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY/REGULATIONS: The following are prohibited: the use, sale, or manufacturing of drugs – including marijuana, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, dangerous driving, and noise disturbances. Firearm use of any sort is prohibited within the park. RENT: Rent is due on the first day of each month for tenants with rental agreements. LIABILITY: Pacific Motel & RV will not be held liable for accidents or injury of any kind to tenant, guest, or their visitors. Pacific Motel & RV will not be held liable for any damage to recreational vehicles, personal vehicles or personal property including loss of mail, packages, money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind. While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement.

Cancellation Policy

Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable. CANCELLATION POLICY: Our standard cancellation policy requires 72-hours prior to arrival to receive a full refund. Cancellations within the 72-hour window will be charged the first night of their reservation plus taxes. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full amount of the reservation. No shows will also be charged in full. The CANCELLATION POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO NON-REFUNDABLE RATES.