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Welcome to Lakeside Campground in beautiful Windsor, New York! Lakeside Campground is a perfect place for family camping in the Binghamton area. From tenting to Big Rig RV’s … we offer 20/30/50 amp service. We have large 60' pull-thru sites for all-size RV camping. Choose from 60' pull-thru sites or wooded lakeside sites on our private lake for your RV, popup, or tent. At Lakeside, you can enjoy fishing (no individual license is needed as the campground carries the license), swimming in the lake’s designated swim area, boating with your personal, non-motorized vessel, or renting one of our kayaks, paddle boats, rowboats, or canoe. We also have a new playground and game room for the kids and those young at heart, a basketball court, as well as a recreation room with a television and pool table. Additionally, there is golfing available nearby. We have secluded, wooded sites along a private lake from tenting to large RVs. We have beautiful, fully equipped cabins and trailers for rent. This is a great way to go camping with family and friends who don’t have tents or RVs. There are a total of 13 rental accommodations, including cabins, RV rentals, and a yurt. Details and pictures of these rentals can be found on the Rental Accommodations page. Lakeside also has a campground store, where customers can purchase basic grocery items, treats, drinks, adult beverages, apparel, and basic camping/RV items. The store also carries fishing worms, bagged ice, and firewood bundles. Personal firewood can only be brought into Lakeside if it comes from within a 50-mile radius, and outside firewood deliveries are prohibited. We offer larger firewood baskets for seasonal campers and those with extended stays.


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336 Hargrave Road

Windsor, New York 13865

Things to know

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement. Site Usage: A site is registered to two adults. Their children, 10 years and under, and included at no additional charge. Additional persons aged 11 and over are charged $4.00/person/day. Do not give out your gate code. Visitors and Visitor Fees: All visitors must register in the office and pay the visitor fee before entering the campground. The day visitor fee is $4/day/person. Day visitors must leave the grounds by 10 PM. Traffic: The speed limit is 5 MPH. Watch for small children. No bicycle racing or riding after dark, and helmets must be worn. Parking: Only 2 vehicles may be parked at your site. They must not encroach on the roadway. The front gate area is for temporary parking to register. Do not park on other sites, even if unoccupied. Park extra vehicles by the basketball court or the back gate area. Swimming Rules: There is no lifeguard on duty. Two adults, 18 or older, must be present whenever there is swimming, with at least one adult on the beach. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A telephone with emergency medical numbers is in the store. The swimming beach is open from 9:00 am until dusk. Entry into the water is prohibited at any other time. Swim only in the designated swimming area. A maximum of 45 people may use the swimming beach at a time. No horseplay or diving off the float is allowed. You cannot use our life jackets in the swimming area. Registered adults are responsible for the behavior of their children. Boating: Boating is at your own risk. Horseplay is forbidden. There must be a life jacket for each person on a boat. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No boats in the swimming area. Please clean out any of your trash when returning rental boats, and replace all life jackets and oars. Personal boats may be kept at your site or locked/stored at the far side of the fishing walkway. Sites: Cutting or destroying trees or branches are forbidden. Do not bring untreated firewood from out-of-state or outside of a 50-mile radius into the campground or take firewood from other sites. Firewood deliveries are not permitted; firewood can be purchased from the on-site camp store. Roaring fires are not allowed. Do not move fireplaces or take picnic tables from your site. Sewer collars must be used on sewer hookups. Garbage should not be left in your firepit. Do not leave any food out overnight in order to discourage any unwelcome forest visitors. Pets: Up to 2 dogs per site are allowed. They must be quiet, kept on a leash, and you must clean up after your dog. They are not allowed in the common areas, which include the bathhouse, store, playground, basketball court, and the beach area. We may prohibit or require removal from the campground any dog we consider a problem or who poses a risk to campers. Rabies certificate(s) need to be presented. Pets should not be left unattended, particularly inside any of the rental units. Bathhouse/Toilets & Sewers: Please do not pour grease down your camper drains, and do not put anything other than other human waste and toilet paper down the toilet (no paper towels/wipes); our septic system cannot handle it. Garbage: The dumpster is located at the far exit of the campground. Please recycle corrugated cardboard, glass, plastic, and cans in the recycle bin(s) by the dumpster; do not place recycling in plastic bags. Do not leave garbage/litter at your site or the bathhouse; utilize appropriate outdoor receptacles. Any items, such as chairs, tires, rugs, batteries, paint cans, etc., need to be taken with you for disposal. Smokers: Please do not throw your butts on the ground. Properly dispose of all smoking material. There is ABSOLUTELY no smoking in any of the rental accommodations; a $100 cleaning fee will be assessed for noncompliance. Fishing: Well-fed large and small-mouth bass, bluegill, pickerel, bullhead, and sunnies inhabit the lake. No live bait, other than worms, is allowed. No fishing is allowed in the swimming area. Unless you eat what you catch, all fishing is catch and release. Don’t leave dead fish in the lake, at your site, or unbagged in the dumpster. Quiet Time: Quiet Time is from 10 PM until 8 AM. Children under 18 must be at their sites/under adult supervision at another camper’s site during this time; use of common areas (basketball court, playground, beach, and lake) ceases at dark. Insurance: You should ensure your trailer, contents, and carts. We are not liable for any damage or theft. This includes any damage from trees or limbs which might fall or damage which might occur if we move your trailer for you. Trailers and/or carts can be added to your auto insurance for a nominal fee. Miscellaneous: We do not tolerate improper language, behavior, or dress. The use of fireworks or firearms is strictly forbidden. You are responsible for the behavior of your children and visitors.

Cancellation Policy

Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable. All cancellations are subject to a $10 cancellation fee. Customers who cancel in advance of 7 days from their anticipated arrival will receive a refund of the remaining deposit paid; there are no refunds when the cancellation occurs within 7 days of anticipated arrival, and there are no refunds for holiday weekend reservations.

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