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Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort in Palmetto, FL, is situated along the state’s stunning Gulf Coast and is just 25 minutes from downtown St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, Anna Maria Island, and miles upon miles of beautiful coastline. Although we’re close to metropolitan areas with access to culture, restaurants, shopping, and theme parks, our friendly, peaceful RV community in Palmetto lets you slow things down a notch. Enjoy our shaded walking paths beneath majestic oaks and swaying palms, or take in the view of Terra Ceia Bay from our fishing pier. Our launch makes it easy to enjoy the calm bay waters in your canoe, kayak, boat. We’re also less than three miles from Terra Ceia Preserve State Park, featuring a nearly 2,000-acre oasis of mangroves, hiking trails, and waterways. The view from has never looked better. When you make Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort in Palmetto your new home, you’ll be close to all that the spectacular Gulf Coast of Florida has to offer. From relaxed beach towns to dazzling city lights, you’re just a short drive from it all.


  • Billiards
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Tennis
  • Swimming


  • Game Room
  • Boat Ramp
  • Boat Storage
  • RV Storage
  • Walking Trails

Available RV sites at Fishermans Cove RV Resort


100 61st Street East

Palmetto, Florida 34221

Things to know

Check-in: 1:01 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


FISHERMANS COVE RV RESORT RULES AND REGULATIONS The following are the rules and regulations of Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort, Palmetto, Florida ( the “Resort”), and together with the written lease, if any, the applicable rate sheet and Lifestyle Fee payment receipt comprise the “Lifestyle Fee”. For purpose of these rules and regulations, “Lessee” and “Tenant” shall mean all persons who are staying in the Resort under a rental agreement (verbal or written) with the Lessor to pay the lifestyle fee and/or all persons who claim a right to occupy a lot in the Resort under such agreement. A guest shall mean any person who is not under the rental agreement with the Lessor but who has been invited by Lessee to visit the Resort. Lessor shall mean the owner of the Resort and/or Resort management. 1. A. Tenant’s tenancy is a tenancy at will for so long as rent is paid in advance as required under the Lot Lease, subject to compliance with the rules and regulations of the Resort, Upon violation of any covenant in the Lot Lease by the Lessee, including without limitation, failure to pay rent for a period of 3 days after such rent is due, Lessor may, at its option, immediately terminate the Lot Lease, disconnect all utilities, and remove the Lessee and Lessee’s property to a storage area. Lessee agrees that shall be responsible for payment of all delinquent rent, late charges, and towing and storage charges, and Lessor shall have no liability to Lessee for any damage to any of Lessee’s property resulting from such removal and/or storage. If such Lot Lease is terminated by Lessor, all advance rents and security deposits of Tenant will be forfeited to Lessor. B. Tenant’s guests must register at the office upon arrival at the Resort. If any Tenant has more than 2 persons per RV unit, there will be an additional charge to Tenant of Ten dollars ($10.00) per day per person for each excess person that uses Resort Amenities and/or stays overnight. 2. Sub-leasing of any RV lot or renting of any RV unit by any Tenant is prohibited. A. Placing of the “For Sale” sign in or around any Tenant RV unit is prohibited. B. If the Tenant abandons a lot, the Lot Lease may be terminated at Lessor’s option and Lessor may exercise all rights upon termination of a Lot Lease. 3. No refunds will be made on advance payments if Lessor terminates a Lot Lease for reasons described above 4. Lessor is not responsible for any loss due to fire. windstorm, flood, accident, or theft. The Resort does not maintain insurance on the property, trailers, contents, etc. of the Lessee or their guests. 5. No guest travel trailers, campers, or camper trucks of any sort will be stored or Parked for overnight use on a Tenant’s lot. 6. Each Lessee is provided with off-street Parking space for one vehicle. 7. Annual residents may display National Flags or Military flags on their designated site. Each RV Site may display ONE METAL Flagpole within the entire site ( MUST have placement PRE APPROVED) by filing a request for site change with our Welcome Center. The maximum number of flags is TWO. One must be a National Flag of Residence choice, and the second flag being of Military. Flags displayed on flag poles shall not exceed a maximum size of 5ft x 6 ft and may be made of plastic or cloth materials. When the flag(s) become weathered (faded, torn, or frayed) it shall be removed or replaced. 8. The cost or repair of stoppage of sewer lines or damage to utilities or damage to facilities or buildings caused by the Lessee, their dependents or guests will be charged to the Lessee. 9. The pickleball court may only be used by Tenants and their invited guests. Children visiting Tenants may use the court only under the supervision of an adult Tenant. 10. All Tenants and their guests must observe the speed limit of 10 miles per hour within the Resort. 11. Children under 14 shall not be permitted in any common or recreation areas of the Resort unless accompanied by the owner of the RV unit they are visiting, their parents or a responsible adult. 12. All Tenants must keep their lot clean and free from rubbish and trash at all times. Inoperative and/or unregistered automobiles must be removed from the Resort within three (3) days of notice. No storage of any kind is permitted around an RV unit. 13. The Lessee hereby agrees to respect the privacy and quiet of his neighbor. Lessee and Lessee’s guest shall fully comply with all statutes, ordinances, health, safety, motor vehicle and fire codes; and the Resort Rules and Regulations and revisions and amendments thereto. Failure to so comply shall result in the termination of Lessee’s Lot Lease and removal of Lessee and Lessee’s property from the Resort. 14. All pets must be pre-approved by Lessor, No aggressive breeds(as determined by Lessor) shall be allowed in the Resort, including without limitation, Pit bull, Rottweiler and Dobermans, etc. Tenants with pets must keep them on a leash when outside. Pet excrement must be removed promptly and properly disposed of by the pet owner. That means any place on the grounds. 15. All recreational facilities, including clubhouse, pool Jacuzzi and fishing pier, and boat ramp, are used at Tenant’s own risk. Lessor will not be responsible for personal injury or property damage to Tenant, his family or the tenant’s guests. Pool and Jacuzzi will be open from dawn to dusk. Lessor determines from time to time. No tenants or guests are allowed in the clubhouse with wet bathing suits. 16. No TENTS or converted buses are permitted in the Resort. 17. Posted pool and Jacuzzi rules and regulations must be followed. There is NO Glass in the Pool and Jacuzzi area. There are NO DRINKS or SMOKING IN and around the SIDES of the Pool and Jacuzzi. Tenants and guests with heart conditions are not advised to use the Jacuzzi. No person under the age of 16 shall be permitted to use the Pool or Jacuzzi unless accompanied by an adult guardian. Persons with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or expectant mothers are advised against the use of the Jacuzzi. Management does not assume any liability for injury or accidents which occur in or around the pool, Jacuzzi, or related deck areas. All the rules are posted in the pool area, please read them. Pools hours are dawn to dusk. 18. Guests are required to register at the office upon arrival. All lifestyle fees are payable upon registration. 19. Check-out time is at 11:00 am. 20. No alcoholic beverages permitted in common area buildings or recreational area which is used for general assembly without Lessor’s approval. 21. No peddling, soliciting or commercial enterprise will be allowed in the Resort. 22. All garbage must be wrapped and placed in garbage containers on your RV lot or trash receptacles provided by the Resort. Household cooking grease must be disposed of as garbage and not poured down drains. disposal of hazardous waste, oil, fuel, etc. within the resort or in disposal containers provided by the resort is strictly prohibited. All persons needing to dispose of the same must contact the necessary governmental authorities and make all necessary arrangements to dispose of the same. 23. NO repairing of cars, boats, motors, trailers, or any similar disturbing activity on any Lot. 24. Lessor will not receive telephone calls for Tenants or their guests. 25. Please respect the manager’s privacy when he (she) is home. 26. Quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am 27. Laundry facilities are provided for your convenience. Clothesline is NOT permitted. 28. House refrigerators may NOT be kept outside of RVs. 29. Pool and Jacuzzi will be HEATED from November 1 through April 30. 30. Lessor reserves the right to reject any RV unit which is not compatible with units in the Resort. 31. Any deviation of the above rules must have prior approval from the Resort Manager. 32. NO fighting or loud, obnoxious, drunken, threatening, or foul language, conduct, or acts shall be permitted in the Resort. Lessees and Lessess’ guests agree and acknowledge that the peaceful enjoyment of the Resort by Lessees is paramount and that Lessor reserves the right to terminate the Lot Lease and remove any persons who threaten or disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other Resort Lessees. 33. Management reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time and the same shall be duly promulgated upon posting within the Resort pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 513. The Resort rules and regulations and any revision thereto shall be effective immediately upon proper posting and all Lessees shall immediately comply with same. If a new Resort Rule or Regulation or revision thereto is posted which requires the Lessee to remove an improvement, vehicle, trailer, boat, or mobile home or requires the Lessee to make other appropriate preparations and arrangements in order to come into compliance with new Resort Rules or Regulations or revisions thereto, then in such case the Lessee shall have ten (10) days from the date of posting of the rule or regulation in which to come into compliance, The failure of Lessee to receive a copy of the rules or see a posting of the rules shall not be a defense to full compliance with the Resort rules and regulations or any amendment thereto which is posted within the Resort.

Cancellation Policy

Spot2Nite booking fees are non-refundable. -5 months notice of cancelation – 10% Deposit Withheld -4 months notice of cancelation – 20% Deposit Withheld -3 months notice of cancelation – 30% Deposit Withheld -2 months notice of cancelation – 70% Deposit Withheld -1-month notice of cancelation – No Refund

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