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Beach Rd RV Park is a family-oriented relaxing place to make memories with family and friends or just to sit back and read a great book. Our park is kept pristine and ready for the next camper at all times. Canoeing, beach, fishing or just relaxing you will find that all here in Matagorda. We have a fishing guide that lives right here in our park and he has an awesome boat to take you fishing! We also have the best bbq around !!!! Charlie's BBQ is parked right out front of section 2. Thomas and Erin have been a part of the Beach Rd RV park family for 3+ years.


  • Water Sports
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing/Kayaking


  • 55+ Community
  • Beach
  • Fishing Guides
  • Dump Station
  • Pet Friendly


1578 Farm to Market Road 2031

Matagorda, Texas 77457

Things to know

Check-in: 12:00 PM

Check-out: 11:00 AM


Check-in and out time: - Check-in at 12 noon and check-out at 11 am. In certain circumstances, you may be able to check in earlier or check out later. Check-in procedure: - Please text 979-479-5315 that you have arrived. - Set up and have fun. if you need anything please call us. - While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement Parking On Empty Sites: - No parking on any other spot pad or patio except the one you have rented. you do not have any idea what our reservations look like: Fun Rules: - Wake up smiling. Hang out with friends. Explore the area. Eat smores and nap often. Sing by the fire. Relax and unwind. Keep the drinks cold. Go fishing. Enjoy the sun. Make new friends. But most of all make new memories. Rv Park Rules: - Disorderly conduct, Rude or abusive language, or behavior is strictly prohibited - No tents or sleeping outside of the RV - Pets are welcome (2) per site. - ALL dogs must remain on a leash at all times when outside your RV. - Pets are not to be left tied or chained up outside for any long period of time. - Pets are limited to two per site. Aggressive breeds are prohibited. You must pick up your dog's waste anytime and anywhere they go to the bathroom. If not you will be fined $50.00. Remember we have 24/7 cameras. - Keep your site clean and liter free. - Cigarette butts are litter. If you smoke please keep your cigarette butts picked up. - No loud radios or stereos outside. - No working on vehicles allowed. - No clotheslines. - Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited. - A 90-degree airtight sewer adapter must be used by all residents. The sewer drain hose must be supported off the surface of the ground and all connections must be leak free. - Park your vehicle inside your designated area. DO NOT use your neighbor's parking area or any available sites. - If you have an extra vehicle, boat, or visitor, please park outside the fence. - Please keep ALL driving lanes clear of obstruction at ALL times to accommodate RV'S leaving and entering the parks. - Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Please refrain from allowing them to wander and play on other sites. - RV needs to be in good condition, "clean" and free of mold at all times. - Be mindful of your neighbors at all times. We make these rules so everyone that visits our parks enjoys their family and friend time with each other. - We ask that everyone follows these Rules. First-time warning, the second time you will be asked to leave. Pet Rules: - Pet-friendly park. No more than 2 pets are allowed per site. Please pick up your animal's droppings no matter where they use the bathroom, inside the park-out side the park PICK IT UP. - If caught not picking up droppings you will be fined $50. Be courteous to your neighbors. We want your pets to enjoy their time as well as yours. If you have more than two dogs call ahead of time for approval. REMEMBER we have 24/7 cameras.

Cancellation Policy

Campground Cancellation Policy - 100% refund until 3 days before check-in. 50% percent refund 1 day prior, then the reservation is no longer refundable. - All refund calculations exclude the RoverPass service fees and credit card processing, which are non-refundable. RoverPass Cancellation Policy - The platform and processing fees are non-refundable. - Spot2Nite convenience fees are non-refundable.

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