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We have many beautiful locations around the Park your RV, trailer, camper, or pop up. We have a couple of designated locations at AVR where we can park large RVs and trailers – our riverside sites are flat and each has a fire pit and a picnic table. The biggest sites are #16, #17, #20, and #25 however experienced drivers are required to get to #25, tight curves, and must be able to back in and out well. We do not have electrical hookups (yet!), and you must fill your RV prior to arriving. The RV Dump Station at Kaibab Park in Granby is on the way in and has a dump station and place fill here. Please explore the BOOK NOW page to view size descriptions of each site, view pictures, and videos, and check availability! As always, e-mail us with any questions!


  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing/Kayaking


  • Dump Station


8992 County Road 6

Granby, Colorado 80446

Things to know

Check-in: 1:00 PM

Check-out: 10:00 AM


DETAILS FOR YOUR CAMPING STAY We are so excited to have you stay with us this summer and we want to make sure you are as prepared as possible! The information on the first page and highlighted is vital to understand for your safety and to help protect this beautiful land! More detailed information is on the pages to follow. Please let us know if you have any questions! Check-In / Check Out: - Check-In: no earlier than 1 PM and no later than 9 pm - Check-Out: 10 AM - Quiet Hours: 10 PM - 8 AM -- Out of respect for our families with children and our neighboring campground, quiet hours outside are from 10 pm - 8 am. -- Our Lodge inside is often open until 2 am, but after 10 PM please respect our quiet hours and keep talking and visiting a quiet level when outside, at our Fire Pit, or walking back to your site. - Guests are required to stop and check-in at our Lodge upon arrival. - Waivers must be signed by each adult! All guests who booked online should have received a waiver in addition to this information packet. -– The waiver MUST be signed by each adult staying with us. -- We will verify that you have signed this electronically upon check-in. - If you show up outside of check-in times the gates could be closed, and we may not be around to help you find your site. - While each park attempts to accommodate your exact spot request, the on-site manager has the ultimate decision for spot placement. - The Lodge is the first building on your right when you enter the AVR Gates! There are plenty of parking spaces in front of and across the road from the Lodge. - Our camp hosts are usually in and around the Lodge, but if we’re not there right when you arrive, take a walk around, enjoy the scenery, take a seat on our gorgeous deck and take in the views! - We are a pack it in, pack it out facility. This means everything you brought with you, MUST come out with you, including your trash! - Please look around your site when you leave to make sure you have hauled everything out that you brought in! - If you leave trash behind, it’s a $100 fee. The SPEED LIMIT on the roads of our property is 4 3/4MPH. - There are always a lot of children here, there are animals, and if we see you speeding, expect a lecture! If it happens twice, we will ask you to leave. Garbage: - We are happy to announce that we now provide trash services at Arapaho Valley Ranch. - It is vital that everyone understands how important it is for us to manage trash responsibly here. - We are in BEAR country and they are definitely here! – Do not leave trash hanging on trees or out on tables as they WILL come to your site and this can be dangerous of course. - Always bring your trash to our dumpsters before you go to bed and never leave it out. - We strongly urge campers to keep fresh food in coolers or tightly fastening plastic bins. - Following these guidelines greatly decreases the risk of attracting wildlife and keeps them and us safe! Pets: - DOGS must always be on a leash and are NOT allowed in any buildings including the Lodge, Tipis, Glamping Tents, or Cabins. - We expect dog owners to be prompt in cleaning up after their dogs. Alcohol: - The Lodge Red Dog Saloon liquor license involves the entire Lodge when our bar is open (late afternoon until 2 am) – that means NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed inside the Lodge. - NO UNDERAGE DRINKING. NOTE: The Lodge is closed due to COVID19. Fires / Smoking: - Fires in designated fire pits only. - We have strict rules on fires at AVR and often there are fire bans here. - Make sure you have read all our detailed rules and regulations below. Never leave a fire unattended for any reason! - No Smoking/Vaping of any kind in any of our buildings/tents/tipis/cabins. Children: - Children are ALWAYS to be supervised by an adult. - Children are not allowed in the Lodge at any time without an adult. - Children <12yrs must be accompanied by an adult near all water features, at our playground, in the canoes. Please note: Our Property While this is our summer business, this is also our home! We live on the property all summer long. Our children live here and roam around on foot and on their bikes. Our dog Roosevelt is always running around and will greet everyone that comes to stay with us! Our personal house and some of the other buildings, barns, and cabins on the property are off-limits to our guests. There are many old broken-down cabins that hopefully one day we will restore. Please do not enter any of these buildings, as they are not safe to explore! The furniture, art, and decorations in our Lodge are part of our collection of treasures that have been on this ranch for many years. We hope you will respect and appreciate this as much as you would your own! Please help your children understand this as well! THE LODGE (The Lodge is closed this summer due to COVID19.) The Lodge is a historic building from the 1900s. - Children are not allowed in the Lodge at any time without an adult. - We do free coffee on the weekends in the back-living room with the piano from the hours of 8 am -10 am. - The Billiards table will be open and available during bar hours for adults only by giving us your driver’s license to rent out the pool balls. - If the bar is closed and you would like to play pool, please find one of us and we can help get you pool balls. - There are some games located in the Billiards room for children, you are welcome to play with these games, please just put them back when you are done! - Please no smoking anywhere near the Lodge – you may smoke near the Lodge Firepit and please put your stinky butt in the firepit when you are done and not on our beautiful land! The Red Dog Saloon - The BAR is closed until further notice. - The Lodge has a working and legally operating bar called the Red Dog Saloon. It is indeed the smallest bar in the state of Colorado! The bar is typically open for business on Friday’s and Saturdays from around 7 or 8 pm until close. Sometimes we open during the weeknights when we have a packed ranch, and sometimes we open earlier in the day! - Regular bar rules and regulations are in effect when this bar is open, which means there is NO outside alcohol anywhere in the Lodge when the bar is open. - If we see you with outside alcohol during bar hours, we will ask you to leave and come back empty-handed to help support our tiny little bar! Our Store (Our Store is closed until further notice.) - We are selling ICE, FIREWOOD, and T-shirts outside the Lodge. - We have a small store located in the Lodge. - We sell ICE, snacks, candy, and various camping items guests might forget. - If you get here and need something else, just ask us – we can help you with almost anything!! WiFi/Cell Service: - Arapaho Valley Ranch does NOT provide WIFI. - We recommend completely unplugging for your stay to fully enjoy your surroundings and the people you’re here with. - If there is an emergency, we can help you contact whomever you need! - Cell service is minimal. The best service by far seems to be Verizon and works best at our gate in front of the Lodge. TRASH We do not provide trash services at the ranch aside from the business in the bar! It's just like regular camping! This means you will PACK OUT everything that you PACKED IN! Please bring your own trash bags. Plan to keep those trash bags filled with trash in your own car – this prevents wildlife from being attracted to your site and cuts down on stink! You can burn leftover food in our fire pits. Cans are lighter than glass bottles and if you discard packaging before you arrive, this helps cut down on the amount of trash you need to haul out! If you leave trash behind, you will be billed for trash services! The fee is $100 per camping space. FOOD Bring all the food you need for your stay and all the things you need to prepare, eat and cook your food! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! We have a small country store in the Lodge for ice, snacks, sodas, and candy – but no restaurant! The closest grocery store is about 30 minutes away in Granby and it’s a perfect place to load up before you visit! Food needs to be stored in tightly closed containers to lower the risk of wildlife being attracted to your campsite! Our Fire Pits are perfect for grilling meats and vegetables or any other types of food that are grilled. There may be fire bans during your stay, so come prepared to cook without a campfire if fire bans are in place. Placing leftover food into our fire-pits is a great technique to reduce the chance of wildlife being attracted to your site and cut down on the amount of trash you haul out. WATER We have fresh spring water on our land, and access to a spigot for filling up jugs during your stay – it’s delicious!! You can fill up from the sinks in the Lodge or our water spigot! There is only this one working spigot on the property for filling water, it is located behind the open pavilion in front of the lodge. There is a big BLUE handle – please do not pump this handle – all you have to do is lift it straight up – all the way up until you can’t go any further – the water takes a minute to start coming out and then you can fill up. When you are done, please bring the lever all the way down to shut the water off. This water spigot is not meant for filling your RV, please fill your RV's before you arrive - https://www.townofgranby.com/rvdumpstation BATHROOMS There are brand new vaulted campground bathrooms located at our riverside campsites - there are also porta potty’s located outside of the Lodge and Playground. We do not provide showers for our camping guests. , these are for glamping and cabin guests only. If you wish to have a shower while you are here, next time rent a tipi, glamping tent, or a cabin! CLOTHING We recommend that you come prepared for all types of weather. The Rocky Mountains can be unpredictable at times and while our usual is about ’80s and sunny with afternoon showers here and there, things can change quickly and it’s important to be prepared! Temperatures can dip down into the 40’s and sometimes 30’s overnight. You should be prepared for afternoon showers or possibly an entire day of rain (it's rare, but it does happen!) Warm hats & Gloves for evenings outside. Bathing suits if you are brave enough to take a swim in the icy cold Colorado waters! Hats, sun protection – we are at 9,000 feet up here, so the sun is much more powerful than normal, sunburns happen much more quickly. Shoes – depending on what you get into up here, you may want hiking boots and/or waterproof shoes. MUSIC We allow you to have personal music in your tent, camper or RV. We are in the forest and there are camping neighbors and cabins in the surrounding areas that we do not own. Music travels easily down the valley. As long as the music is not amplified, is kept at a reasonable level and you are respecting the neighbors around you, it is ok with us! All outdoor music must end by 10 pm, and Arapaho Valley Ranch reserves the right to limit volume levels accordingly. OTHER ITEMS TO BRING Sunscreen/Bug Spray Bikes, paddleboards, fishing poles, and bait. Games, Balls, etc. WHAT NOT TO BRING! Guns Fireworks Dirt Bikes or ATV (not allowed to be driven anywhere on our property) Illegal Drugs Amplified Speakers DOGS While this is quite the paradise for some of our furry friends, we must admit that some dogs just do not jive with this environment. Dogs are welcome at Arapaho Valley Ranch for personal tent camping only. We do not allow dogs in our Glamping Tents, Tipis, Lodge Rooms, or Cabins. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Owners must be with their dogs at all times. If you decide to bring your dog, there are a few very strict rules and we want to make sure you think through whether this is the right trip for your dog - for their safety first and foremost, but also for your enjoyment! The Rocky Mountains are filled with wildlife - we have bears, fox, deer, moose, marmots, elk, and mountain lions. They all live here with us, and while we don't see a lot of them very often, they are absolutely here. Dogs are at great risk for not only being attacked, but also disturbing the wildlife, and they were here first so we respect the wildlife living amongst us first and foremost. Dogs that will sit next to you and chill, come quickly and promptly when called, are ok being calm and cooperative on a leash around other dogs - do really well out here. Dogs that are aggressive around other dogs while on a leash, dogs that would escape and run through someone else's campground barking and stealing food, dogs that bark excessively, or dogs that are sick or ill in any way will not be happy here and neither will you. We expect dog owners to be prompt in cleaning up after their dogs do their business. We are happy to help you find doggie daycare services if you decide you'd like to stay in our lodging and leave your furry babe at home! If any damages are incurred as a result of your dog’s actions, Arapaho Valley Ranch may charge for services and repairs. We will provide referrals to local doggie care services if needed. Our Ranch Dog Roosevelt lives here with us and will likely greet you at the Lodge when you arrive, he is super friendly and is the only dog allowed off a leash and in the buildings, as it's his turf. IF YOUR DOG IS DEEMED DANGEROUS, HARMFUL, OR DISRUPTIVE, ARAPAHO VALLEY RANCH HAS SOLE DISCRETION TO REQUIRE YOU TO FIND OTHER ACCOMMODATIONS OR CALL ANIMAL CONTROL IF NECESSARY.NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. ALCOHOL Arapaho Valley Ranch is BYOB for camping guests. Our historic Lodge contains the famous Red Dog Saloon, which is Colorado’s Smallest Bar!!! This is a legally operating licensed bar serving beer and liquor. We would love your support during your stay, but you are welcome to bring your own alcohol as well. Cans are easier than glass since you are in charge of your own trash while you are with us, so cans are easier to crunch for more space. Our Liquor License involves the entire Lodge when our bar is open, so this means you cannot bring your own alcohol anywhere in the Lodge during open bar hours (usually early evening until 2am at the very latest). FIRES Arapaho Valley Ranch is located a good distance from local Fire Services. With our close proximity to the National Forest, our property and guests are at a greater risk for a disaster like a fire. Fires are only allowed in Arapaho Valley Ranch designated fire pits. Arapaho Valley Ranch sells firewood in our country store or you can bring your own pre-bundled firewood from home. If you need help with a fire, just let us know, we are happy to help you start one! NEVER leave fires unattended; fires must be fully extinguished if you leave your site for any reason! FIRE BANS Here at AVR we are always in Stage I - which means no open fires set on the ground. If the county enters into STAGE II FIRE BAN this means there are no fires of any kind allowed anywhere, even in our designated pits. Propane camping stoves or smaller propane fire pits are allowed under stage II bans. As Colorado is often under fire bans, is it your responsibility to pay attention to fire bans in our area and to plan accordingly if fire bans are in effect. We do not offer refunds for fire bans. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS EVER! WILDLIFE We have a lot of wildlife here - moose and bears are the most beautiful animals but they are wild and we must be responsible for our own actions to protect them and keep ourselves safe. MOOSE Watch moose from a very safe distance - they are unpredictable and cannot see well - so if you get close, they will charge you and can easily trample a human. They are not friendly, do not misinterpret their behavior as docile or not bothered by humans getting close. BEAR Bears have been visiting us more than ever this summer. They are opportunists and just want food - mainly trash. These are black bears and usually nonaggressive. We want to help them move along not shoot them, so with your cooperation, we can prevent the needless death of a bear. Here are the simple steps you can take: Never feed a bear. Place all garbage in tightly fastened containers in your car. Don't bring anything with an odor into your tent. Don't sleep in the same clothing you wore while cooking. Lock vehicles at night. If a bear gets too close: Make it feel unwelcome by yelling and waving your arms. If it approaches, throw rocks and sticks at it. DO NOT TURN AND RUN. If it attacks, fight back as aggressively as possible. Report an aggressive bear or conflicts o CPW immediately. RULES AND REGULATIONS Arapaho Valley Ranch is surrounded by Rivers, Lakes, and Streams. All children under 12 years old are to be accompanied by adults at all times. We are not responsible for any accidental injuries/drownings/death associated with water exposure. Please be careful. Parking is provided for all guests. Please do not park anywhere but the designated parking areas. We are surrounded by thousands of acres of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. There are trails that wind in and out of the ranch areas. Always let someone know where you are going, especially children. Hiking and adventuring around the Ranch and outside the premises are at your own risk. Arapaho Valley Ranch is an off-grid resort, which means that we generate our own electricity, have our own water, and are not hooked to local utilities. Occasionally electricity and water may not be operational due to routine maintenance and repair when necessary. Bringing extra water and flashlights is recommended. NO SMOKING in any buildings/tents/tipis or structures at Arapaho Valley Ranch. Cigarette waste should be disposed of properly and considerately in a safe manner. Fire Pits, Personal Trash Cans, and Personal Ashtrays are the only places to dispose of cigarettes. We reserve the right to fine CLIENT(S) for excessive cigarette waste that occurs throughout the wedding/event weekend. Water: We have our own fishing pond stocked with trout. It is for children <12yrs of age. We ask that you limit fishing to two fish caught per child. You are responsible for cleaning your own fish. Please do not clean fish in our Lodge bathrooms or our shower house. There is no license required to fish in our private pond. The South Fork of the Colorado River runs alongside our property and there is over a mile of private access for fishing. A fishing license is required for the Colorado River and can be obtained through the state of Colorado website. Swimming, canoeing, paddleboarding, and other water activities at our pond and in the river are at your own risk. Children under 12yrs of age must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian. PLAYGROUND – we have an awesome playground here! This is not a place to deposit your children for the weekend unsupervised. Children <12years of age MUST always be accompanied by an adult on this playground, and you use it AT YOUR OWN RISK! ARAPAHO VALLEY RANCH RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REQUEST ANY PERSON OR GROUP OF PEOPLE ACTING UNRULY AND CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS TO LEAVE THE PREMISES. THIS INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO OVER-INTOXICATION, UNDERAGE DRINKING, ILLEGAL DRUGS, IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR, DAMAGE TO THE PREMISES, BUILDINGS, ETC.

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